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About Us

WSM Productions is an independent film and video production house located north of Toronto, Canada's largest city. Situated on the Stevenson Farms historical country estate.

WSM offers cost-effective production facilities in a serene and scenic atmosphere. Founded by Stephen Milne in 1994 WSM is involved with everything from independent films and documentaries, to television series and music videos. Whether you just need a professional cameraman or editor for the day or a producer for a television series produced from concept to completion WSM Production can help bring together the right team and resources under one roof.

WSM Productions has specialized in putting together the right teams for the domestic and international television market. WSM has been involved with an extensive number of productions in North and South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa, with subject matter ranging from comedy to in-depth social development issues to the world of lifestyle television. WSM can provide resources for everything from television shows, digital content creation, commercials, documentaries, short films, music videos, news reports, and corporate videos.


William Stephen Milne was born in Kingston, Canada. He grew up in the northern Ontario city of Owen Sound with the exception of two years that was spent backpacking around the world as young boy with his parents. Stephen developed his interest in the film business during his early teens when he used to rent video cameras and make horror movies such as "The Worms" and "Cannibalistic Aliens" in his back yard.

Bachelor of Fine Arts ('92) where he sold a documentary to CBC about the renowned Czechoslovakian sculptor, Lea Vivot and won a TVO Telefest award for another documentary about a rock quarry entitled, "Ledgerock". After university he completed his first narrative short feature entitled, "Transplant" black comedy about cosmetic surgery. Established Canadian screen actors Saul Rubinek (Unforgiven, True Romance) and Maury Chaykin (Whale Music, Dances With Wolves) took an interest in the script and volunteered to act in the film.

In 1994 he formed the sole proprietor business WSM Productions and turned his attention to documentaries. He began working overseas for several German broadcasters and development organizations where he produced, shot, and edited dozens of documentaries and news reports concerning social and environmental issues in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. Back in Canada Stephen then produced the Splat! Television series in conjunction with animation power house Topix/Maddog. During a three year stint with CBC's Arts and Entertainment Divison he help shoot and direct hundreds of youth focused comedy segments from across the country. In addition to producing dozens of corporate video productions Stephen has also been directing lifestyle television shows on the Home and Garden and W Networks such as "Property Virgins", "Dirty Business", "Sarah 101", "Candice Tells All", "Property Brothers" and "Decked Out".

Stephen currently resides with his wife Susanne and their daughters Shannon and Molly in Alliston, Ontario where they have restored a 178 year old family farmhouse and operate it as a historic bed and breakfast called Stevenson Farms.